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This site is designed so that you can learn to read, write and speak Ojibwemowin. Most web sites and materials seem to give vocabulary, specific questions or sentences, and then narrow answers which are limited in their application. Or, they are complicated grammar sheets which, though well-intended, tend to present too much information at one time with no practice within the lesson. It is the intent of this site to teach the student vocabulary, grammar, and syntax in a specific fashion, so that s/he may construct sentences as needed in varying situations. Each of the buttons that you see represent a different lesson. The first five lessons are introductory in nature and begin with some background information that is essential in learning the language. As you progress, the lessons become more difficult and are designed as a hierarchy - each subsequent lesson building upon the previous.

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Even if you are familiar with some of the language, briefly read over the first lessons to understand the focus that this site takes in approaching Ojibwemowin

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